ProHand is an ongoing proect aimed at developing an innovative robotic prosthetic hand controlled with machine learning and produced with additive manufacturing.

Upper limb amputation is a major injury that can strongly affect the daily life of a person.
Prosthetic hands that can execute multiple movements are available, but they are expensive and difficult to control.
Natural control via pattern recognition is promising, but it is applied mainly in scientific research so far.
3D printing can revolutionize prosthetics with solutions that can allow and include dexterous control, but the path to solid, open source prostheses still requires several efforts.

Thanks to the wonderful work by the BLINC Lab to create the HANDi Hand, in the past we developed a pattern-recognition control system for 3D printed hand prostheses:

Starting from this experience, we are currently working on the ProHand project with the aim of developing a dexterous 3D printed prosthetic hand that is dexterous, affordable and that can be used in real life conditions:

The path is still long, but we will keep you posted on the most interesting advancements via this website and papers.

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