DB10 - MeganePro


MeganePro is the first multimodal dataset from intact and hand amputated subjects including electromyography, intertial, gaze tracking, visual, behavioral and clinical data for prosthetics and phantom limb sensation analysis.
MeganePro brings researchers in the field to the next level, allowing to improve robotic prosthesis control with eye-hand coordination and to better understand the neurologic and neurocognitive effects of amputation.


MeganePro is described in detail in the following scientific papers.
Please, refer to them for detailed guidelines and cite them in case you use this dataset.


  • MeganePro dataset 1 (MDS1), Harvard Dataverse.
  • MeganePro dataset 2 (MDS2), Harvard Dataverse
  • MeganePro dataset 4 (MDS4), Harvard Dataverse
  • MeganePro dataset “Clinical Interview and Neurocognitive Tests in Amputees” (MDSInfo), Harvard Dataverse.