DB5 Data

Subject Handedness Gender Age Height Weight zip files
01 Right Male 23 187 67
02 Right Male 28 187 75
03 Right Male 28 170 63
04 Right Female 22 156 52
05 Right Female 28 160 61
06 Right Male 24 170 65
07 Right Male 32 172 78
08 Right Male 31 170 74
09 Right Male 34 176 68
10 Right Male 30 173 83

DB5 Guidelines


This Ninapro dataset includes sEMG and kinematic data from 10 intact subjects while repeating 52 hand movements plus the rest position.


The dataset is described in detail in the following scientific paper.
Please, refer to it for detailed guidelines and cite it in case you use this dataset.



10 intact subjects.

Acquisition Setup

The sEMG data are acquired using two Thalmic Myo Armbands
The sEMG signals are sampled at a rate of 200 Hz.

Acquisition Protocol

The dataset includes 6 repetitions of 52 different movements.
The subjects are asked to repeat movements which were shown as movies on the screen of a laptop.
During the acquisition, the subjects were asked to repeat the movements with the right hand.
Each movement repetition lasted approximatively 5 seconds and was followed by 3 seconds of rest.

The experiment is divided in three exercises:

  1. Basic movements of the fingers.
  2. Isometric, isotonic hand configurations and basic wrist movements.
  3. Grasping and functional movements.

Dataset variables

For each exercise, for each subject, the database contains one matlab file with synchronized variables. The variables included in the matlab files are:

Acquisition procedure. The subjects are asked to mimic movies of movement shown on the screen of the laptop. sEMG signal is recorded with 10 electrodes (red, blue; the electrode on the flexor digitorum superficialis and part of the equally spaced electrodes are not represented due to perspective reasons).

Hand movements. Performed exercises: A, B, C.